Why Muir Woods National Monument?

Some say, "Heaven is a place on Earth." If this is true it might be at the sight of the some of the oldest and tallest living things on earth at the Muir Woods National Monument. Muir Woods is a great retreat from our airports, cars, taxis and the general stresses of life.

No tour guiding is allowed in the park, which speaks volumes for what one can expect what they will get out of their visit to Muir Woods...tranquility and peace. Therefore, our very knowledgeable guides will give you great information about what you are going to see while you are driving to the park. Since we use separate tour guides from drivers, your driver will be focusing on the road while your tour guide is giving you information!

The Coastal Redwoods you will walk among are 45 times taller than you are! Take an easy walk on a level paved trail into the heart of the forest. River otters, great egrets, spotted owls are just some of the things you may come across. Walk along the murmuring waters of Redwood Creek, one of the only few rivers in the West that have not been altered by man-made dams. Coho salmon and steelhead trout can sometimes be seen.

Nature lovers travel far and wide to see inspiring things like we have at Muir Woods National Park - you would not want to miss it. Muir Woods is so unique that the founders of the United Nations came here for inspiration.

Tour Benefits & Two Muir Woods Tour Options!

Our Muir Woods Tour is the only tour that offers a separate Tour Guide from Driver.

We offer two kinds of Muir Woods Tours due to their popularity:

1) New: Muir Woods Hiking Tour with Ferry/Bay Cruise included- This tour offers a 60-minute hike into the park rather than starting in the touristy areas of Muir Woods. It's a very special walk to start from Mount Tamapais State Park and then walk downhill into a National Park. During this tour you will then get to walk around the touristy areas of Muir Woods, spend time at the gift shop, before we head to to Sausalito (for about 1 hour). In total, you will have about 2 hours at Muir Woods. Not recommended for Children 0-6 years of age.

2) Muir Woods (Only) Tour with Ferry/Bay Cruise included - This tour has been operating since 2007 and it's still a huge draw. It includes Muir Woods (90 minutes), Marin Headlands (Golden Gate Bridge View from above), and some time in Sausalito before catching the 25-minute Ferry Bay/Cruise back to the Ferry Building.

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Muir Woods

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