Sanfrancisco Tours Glossary

Advance Reservations:

An advanced order, generally without full payment. An arrangement by which accommodations are tenable in advance, as in a hotel or on an airplane.

Air Transportation:

A segment of a continuing trip which requires a change of aircraft, but not necessarily a change of airline.

Airport access fee:

A fee paid by the car rental companies to the airport power, for the use of shuttle vehicles, etc - usually passed on to the consumer.


A tract of leveled land where aircraft could take off and land, usually equipped with hard-surfaced landing strips, a control tower, hangars, aircraft preservation and refueling facilities, and accommodations for passengers and cargo.


A person, place, thing, or occasion that is intended to attract.


This could pertain to air/hotel or car that means if space is open to sell to the public.


The art and science of scheming and erecting buildings.


A feature that increases attractiveness or value, particularly of a piece of real estate or a geographic location. The quality of organism pleasant or attractive; agreeableness.

All-inclusive :

It generally should mean a plan, which includes all meals, drinks, tips, service charges, accommodations, some water sports (usually non-motorized), etc.