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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Participates on Earth Hour

As earth day is coming ahead, everywhere around the world started to be the part of earth hour. 

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge becomes dark for an hour on earth day. Even, other American attractions will also become dark. It includes Mount Rushmore and all 110 storeys of Chicago's sears tower. Other monuments include Sydney Opera House in Australia followed by variety of famous monuments in other countries like the Forbidden City and even the Pyramids in Egypt. 

Earth Hour is started in the year 2007 in Sydney Australia and was designed to make the people aware of the environment. The event becomes more popular and the big businesses are also joining their hands. It includes coca-cola, McDonalds and the internet giant, Google. 

The popular social media sites like twitter and facebook also go for earth hour. Using special applications, they make their on-screen displays dark for earth hour. 

A San Francisco resident Wrendy Caponi says that not only the landmarks like golden gate bridge will participate in earth hour, but millions of homes in 125 countries worldwide will also be turning off their lights to mark the occasion. 

United Nations Secretary General, ban ki-moon said that the campaign which is now in its fourth year is both a warning and a beacon of hope. Residents of San Francisco who wish to take part in earth hour should turn off their lights and go dark at 8.30 pm.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Lights Ride: bike tour at night

Holiday lights lovers can have a magical experience Sunday night, when the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition presents its sixth annual Christmas Lights Ride.

Tour the best and brightest

Ride leader Robin Marks is a veteran of evening excursion. She recalls that the night of the first ride was cold and foggy, so she was amazed when 30 adventurers turned up.

"A lot of people are kind of afraid to ride at night," Marks says, "so this was a nice way to support people to start thinking about nighttime as a time to ride."

For the Christmas lights outing, Marks spends hours scoping out the ideal route, which varies from year to year and is a very much guarded secret. By ride night, the hard work is already done. Just power up your bike lights, dress in layers if the night is cool and get some refreshments to share. Should the courage move you to dress up as Santa Claus or string colored lights on your bike, this is the perfect occasion.

"You never know what someone is available to show up wearing," Marks says. One year, one bicycle had a Christmas tree attached, while another cyclist was towing a cart with a Christmas tree on it.

Expect plenty of opportunities to ooh and ahh over beautiful holiday displays, much good cheer, creatively decorated bikes and yummy things to eat, the snack stop being a famous feature of the night rides.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Barcelona to play Chivas in San Francisco

NEW YORK (AP) — European champion Barcelona will play Mexico's Chivas Guadalajara in San Francisco on Aug. 8 in the final game of the Spanish team's three-match U.S. preseason tour.

The game at Candlestick Park is part of a doubleheader that opens with a Major League Soccer game between San Jose and Columbus.

Barcelona also plays the Los Angeles Galaxy on Aug. 1 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and is at the Seattle Sounders on Aug. 5.

Barcelona and Chivas have met twice before in recent U.S. friendlies; 1-1 in 2006 at Los Angeles, and Barcelona won 5-2 last year in Chicago.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

San Francisco Juneteenth Festival

June 20th and 21st, 2009 marks the 59th Annual San Francisco Juneteenth Festival, the largest gathering of African-Americans in northern California. It is the most respected brand name among the more than 440,000 black households in the Bay Area because of the historical significance of the observance and the traditions that have been developed locally.


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San Francisco International Airport to Receive Stimulus Money

The San Francisco International Airport is slated to receive $15 million dollars in federal stimulus money for a new baggage handling system. The new system will lessen the time passengers wait to check-in their luggage while improving security. The plans for a new baggage handling system was announced Thursday along with the announcement that SFO would receive the federal dollars to fund the project.

The funds are part of the American recovery and Investment Act which was passed by Congress earlier this year. This new system will allow passengers to not only bypass the Transportation Administration Security screening station but will also reduce repeat bag scans and physical searches and use a state of the art explosive detection device. This new system is great news for San Francisco tourists and will aid in decreasing their travel time and increasing their time spent touring the city, wine country and sightseeing.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Handmade Products Abound at Summer 2009 San Francisco Show

More than 100 exhibitors featuring handcrafted products will showcase their work at the upcoming summer edition of the San Francisco International Gift Fair, which runs August 8-11 at the Moscone Convention Center.

"Handcrafted resources can be found in each of the six neighborhoods of the show," says Aubin Wilson, show director. "This summer's market features accomplished makers and artisans from the United States and abroad. We will present a collection of individual and production craft in all media and across a myriad of product categories including tabletop, ceramics, textiles, home decor, jewelry, apparel, stationery and more."

Exhibitors offering handcrafted goods include: Kat Soto (handcrafted dolls); or tables and lamps made from reclaimed wood by Bitters of Seattle (tables and lamps made from reclaimed wood): Household decorations from Cody Foster (household decorations); Gather Studios (glass pendants, "quoteable quotes" stones or hand-painted salt & pepper shakers): Dahlias & Pears (elegant stationery and cards); and Libra Knits (hand knitted hats for babies.

"This is very much a show where artists have center stage," Wilson explains. "There are artisans from around the world who will be participating in the show, including The Pacific Indie Craft Collective, a group of artists from Portland, Oregon and along with many first time exhibitors such as UP ‘N ATOM, a handcrafted soap maker from San Francisco and The Martinez family from Oaxaca, Mexico who will present their line of Zapotec rugs."


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GreenRoad Wins San Francisco Business Times' Green Business Award

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- GreenRoad, a global pioneer in improving driving behavior, announced that it has been named the winner in the San Francisco Business Times' Green Business Awards, in the transportation category. The company received the award at an awards reception held at the Hilton San Francisco, June 11.

"We are honored to accept this award and acknowledgement of our hard work toward improving driving behavior and reducing vehicle emissions," said Dan Steere, CEO of GreenRoad. "We appreciate being able to contribute to San Francisco's leadership in green innovation, and already are working with other great cities and states who are following suit."

"GreenRoad was one of 15 exceptional companies who received the Green Business Award out of a pool of more than 200 nominations," said Mary Huss, publisher, San Francisco Business Times. "GreenRoad sets the bar high for green innovation, providing solutions that not only can save the environment, but also save companies money and save lives. Companies like GreenRoad are the engine for economic growth."

GreenRoad's service combines patented in-vehicle technology with integrated Web-based applications that continuously rate driving skills and behavior, provide drivers feedback as they drive and sustain behavior improvements through constant reinforcement. Sensors analyze up to 120 separate types of driving events. Drivers receive in-vehicle feedback in the form of a red-yellow-green LED display.

The San Francisco Business Times' Green Business Awards are designed to honor the leaders and entrepreneurs in green business, clean technology, energy conservation and alternative energy, as well as innovators and champions of green and sustainable business. Winners were announced in 15 categories, selected from 29 finalists.


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S.F. to impose fines for tossing food scraps

Mandatory composting part of city's plan to eliminate landfill waste by 2020

SAN FRANCISCO - Trash collectors in San Francisco will soon be doing more than just gathering garbage: They'll be keeping an eye out for people who toss food scraps out with their rubbish.

San Francisco this week passed a mandatory composting law that is believed to be the strictest such ordinance in the nation. Residents will be required to have three color-coded trash bins, including one for recycling, one for trash and a new one for compost — everything from banana peels to coffee grounds.

The law makes San Francisco the leader yet again in environmentally friendly measures, following up on other green initiatives such as banning plastic bags at supermarkets.

Food scraps sent to a landfill decompose fast and turn into methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas. Under the new system, collected scraps will be turned into compost that helps area farms and vineyards flourish. The city eventually wants to eliminate waste at landfills by 2020.

Chris Peck, the state's Integrated Waste Management Board spokesman, said he wasn't aware of an ordinance as tough as San Francisco's. Many cities, including Pittsburgh and San Diego, require residents to recycle yard waste but not food scraps. Seattle requires households to put scraps in the compost bin or have a composting system, but those who don't comply aren't fined.

"The city has been progressive, and they've been leaders and it appears that they're stepping out of the pack again," he said.

Fines to be enforced in 2010
San Francisco officials said they aren't looking to punish violators harshly.

Waste collectors will not pick through anyone's garbage, said Robert Reed, a spokesman for Sunset Scavenger Co., which handles the city's recyclables. If the wrong kind of materials are noticed while a bin is being emptied, workers will leave what Reed called "a love note," to let customers know they are not with the program.

"We're not going to lock you up in jail if you don't compost," said Nathan Ballard, a spokesman for Mayor Gavin Newsom who proposed the measure that passed Tuesday. "We're going to make it as easy as possible for San Franciscans to learn how to compost."

A moratorium on imposing fines will end in 2010, after which repeat offenders like individuals and small businesses generating less than a cubic yard of refuse a week face fines of up to $100.

Businesses that don't provide the proper containers face a $500 fine.

Proponents: Others will follow SF's lead

Sean Elsbernd, one of the two supervisors who opposed the proposition that passed 9-2, said the measure was "over-the-top" and that calls to his office Wednesday were critical of the new law.

"This is just going to aggravate and aggrieve homeowners who are doing their best," said Elsbernd.

But proponents say it is important to get people's attention about the importance of keeping those biodegradable materials out of landfills.

Ballard predicted that recycling food scraps eventually will seem as ho-hum as saving aluminum cans and newspapers.

"That used to seem like such a chore," he said. "Now we do it every day."

Newsom was expected to sign the measure if the board passes it in a final vote next week.


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Monday, June 15, 2009

San Francisco Approves Nation's Toughest Recycling Law

Intent on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, San Francisco officials this week approved an aggressive expansion of the city's recycling program, requiring all residents and businesses to separate recyclable materials and food waste from garbage that winds up in landfills. Every home and commercial operation will now be required to sort its refuse into three different bins-blue for recycling, green for compost, and black for trash-or else face fines by the city. Residents could be hit with $100 penalties, and businesses up to $500, for not placing refuse in the correct bin. City officials insist the fines will only come as a last resort after numerous warnings are issued first.

City leaders hope the program will reduce by two-thirds the 600,000 tons of garbage San Francisco dumps annually into landfills, by redirecting plastic bottles, cans, and food waste to reusable operations. A study conducted of the city's garbage found 36% of San Francisco's waste can be used as compost, and another 31% is recyclable. Food waste in particular is a problem in landfills, because as it decomposes it produces methane, one of the heaviest gases helping to exacerbate global warming.

Mayor Gavin Newsom said the ultimate goal of the city's recycling program is to completely stop sending refuse to landfills or incinerators by 2020.


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San Francisco airport to get new $15M for baggage system

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco International Airport is getting $15 million in federal stimulus money for a new baggage handling system that officials say will speed up the check-in process and improve security.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the funding for a new inline baggage handling system Thursday during a tour of the airport. The money is coming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, passed by Congress earlier this year.

Officials say the new baggage system will eliminate the need for passengers to walk their checked luggage to a Transportation Security Administration screening station. It also has enhanced explosive detection technology and is expected to reduce repeat bag scans and physical searches.


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San Francisco Zoo opens up lion and tiger house, but won't show off feedings

The San Francisco Zoo has reopened its Lion House to the public for the first time in about two years, zoo officials announced today.

The Lion House, home to Siberian and Sumatran tigers, African lions and snow leopards, opened Thursday afternoon and will remain open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for public viewing, according to the zoo.

Zoo Executive Director Tanya Peterson said the opening was to commemorate the zoo's 80th anniversary this year, and because of its popularity with visitors.

"The Zoo's mission is to connect people with wildlife, and the Lion House provides visitors with that personal connection with these majestic animals," Peterson said.

Public big cat feedings will remain closed to the public and will be done in the morning before the zoo opens "to provide them a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere," the zoo said.

The zoo's big cat feedings were first discontinued after a December 2006 incident in which a female zookeeper was bitten and clawed, then reopened briefly in September 2007, and discontinued again after the Dec. 25, 2007, fatal mauling of a zoo visitor by an escaped tiger.


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Carnaval San Francisco 2009

Faviola Medina wore an ornate costume as part of the Xiuhcoatl danza azteca group. The annual Carnaval parade down 24th Street and Mission Streets drew thousands of spectators despite the cold temperatures Sunday morning May 24, 2009.


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Friday, June 12, 2009

The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee

This Tony® award-winning hit musical recently closed on Broadway after nearly 1,200 performances. The hilarious comedy celebrates the mania of competition as the funniest and sardonically nerdy contestants compete for the Spelling Bee title. Six wacky misfits strive to define themselves apart from their crazy families as they confront the pitfalls of puberty. The quirky youngsters discover themselves as they vie for selection in this witty and wise Broadway hit about coming of age on stage!


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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

San Francisco Bachata International Festival July 16-19, 2009

This upcoming weekend will feature bachateros from all over the world in the greatest city in the world - San Francisco! S.F. Bachata Festival is a 4-day dance festival focusing on Bachata and various art forms such as Tango, Merengue, cha cha cha, Salsa, Martial Arts, Lap Dancing, Fitness and Kizomba.


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Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Sidewalks of San Francisco

Coming off a weekend in which New York City gave one of the most famous stretches of street in the world to pedestrians, we're going to San Francisco to take a walk with Streetsblog Network member Pedestrianist. They've got a post on the inadequacy of that city's sidewalks -- and a few very simple suggestions for improvements:

While some neighborhoods in this city have held onto luxuriously wide sidewalks, they are almost all dissected by arterial roads. That is, streets that were re-engineered after the rise of auto-centrism to serve as expressways for large volumes of car traffic. Since these streets tend to be not much wider than average, the extra road space devoted to cars usually comes at the expense of pedestrians.

The intersection of Potrero Avenue and 16th Street is one of the worst. This is a major transfer point for several Muni lines (37,572 people ride the 9, 22, 33, and 53 lines every day). As people dash between buses, McDonalds and the Potrero shopping center, they jostle for limited space with each other and with speeding traffic.

The layout of the intersection hampers pedestrian flow and lowers the quality of this space. This broad square enjoys lots of sunshine and great views of downtown and Twin Peaks. This is a historic spot, where Joe DiMaggio played with the San Francisco Seals. But it's a miserable place, to be avoided even by those who pass through out of necessity; and it doesn't have to be that way.

Pedestrianist goes on the submit a humble proposal for change that includes bus stop and corner bulbouts -- a relatively cheap and easy solution that would provide significant relief.


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