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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Heavenly Golden Gate Bridge Stopover

The Golden Gate Bridge which is located in the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean is a beautiful suspension bridge completed in the year 1737.  It was once the longest bridge in the world and has become the universal symbol of San Francisco.

This bridge was the one and only shortest available rout between San Francisco and the Marin County. Many might be thinking why the majestic bridge is in that bright reddish orange color and here you have the answer for it. Regardless of its reddish appearance, the actual and official color of the bridge is a bright orange vermillion, which is known as the international orange.

History says that this particular color was chosen and proposed by consulting architect named Irving Morrow. We hear that the bridge was painted like that to contrast and be showed out from its natural environment and adds to the bridge's appearance and visibility during foggy days.

When it comes to the appearance, it is assesses as one of the very attractive patterns of bridge engineering.  When it comes to the structural design confront and for the artistic appeal, both ways, the Golden Gate Bridge is a stop worth it during your trip to San Francisco. 

The bridge was in fact acknowledged as one of the most contemporary Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Just think about the reach and vast foresight and imagination of the engineers who built this great monumental bridge which is still used by the people.  The Golden Gate Bridge is regarded as the most beautiful, and the most photographed places in the world.

In point of actual fact, Aesthetics was the primary cause for why the initial design by Engineer Joseph Strauss was abandoned. When he resubmitted his bridge construction plan, the great engineer added extra particulars, like that of proper lighting that beautifully and usefully bordered bridge's cables and towers.

The best thing we can ever recommend a tourist to do is to have a small walk over the bridge. When we walk on this majestic bridge, we can be pleased and glad about the size and height. At the middle of the ways you can experience the feel of flying as when you stand 220 feet above the water's surface. It will give you a God like feel when you see big ships passing below and look like small toy ships.

If you would like to experience a real good walk over the bridge, then we would like to tell that choosing to walk between one vista points to another would be so interesting and pleasing. Normally Pedestrians are permitted only on the east sidewalk, during the hours of daylight. And if you think about taking your pet along with you, then is allowed if they are on a leash, however roller blades skates and skateboards are not permitted on the bridge to avoid mishaps.

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