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Friday, November 28, 2008

Things Which You Can Do Free of Cost at San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most fabulous places to visit incase you are looking for the touring world. It is quite a big city and it offers you load of things which you can do at a low cost or at meager cost. There are many things which you can do at almost free of cost in San Francisco.

There are few activities which are free on some particular days and the other free events occur on occasional days. Incase you are intending to take up maximum benefit of the free events, then it is essential that you plan your visit to San Francisco really well. Incase you are a lover of the architectural beauty of the places this is the best place for you to visit; it is one of the most exciting city. A walk down the Pacific heights especially the beauty of the Victorian homes is one of the most scintillating views. The Church on the Nob Hill called as the Grace church will just surprise you by its beauty. I can guarantee you that its minute detailing will definitely make you a lifetime fan of the church. Incase you are intending to have the glimpse of the local history then consider the option of the guides, they have tourism options twice or thrice in a week.

Another option which you can have access to is the museums, majority of them do not have entrance fee. But incase you are quite generous then you can think of the option of donating something to them. Some of the museums in the San Francisco have been listed below: Mission Delores, Fort Point, National Maritime Museum, North beach museum, San Francisco Cable car museum, Wells Fargo museum, and the San Francisco Fire department museum. The above mentioned museums are free on all days. On the other hand there are many other museums - the Asian Art Museum, the De Young Memorial Museum, the California Palace of the Legion of Honor and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - which have free entrance on few days.

Further there is another exciting feature of San Francisco which you can enjoy at free of cost is the Shakespeare plays are performed live; these plays have been very popular ever since 1983. It is essential that you check the date and the time of the play before hand and the place or the parks where it is going to be held. I am great fan of Shakespeare’s writing and so particularly enjoy these plays.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pack Your Bag for a Trip

First and foremost, you should know how to pack a suitcase completely using all available space without overstuffing it. You will have to decide what kind of clothing and how many sets you will need for your trip. You will need relatively fewer items if it is a short trip covering the weekend while a prolonged trip may demand a lot more clothing and other items. Toiletries should be compactly packed in sealable plastic bags for protection against spillage.

Prepare a written list of all things you think you will want on your trip so that you do not leave out anything important. Certain things that you can purchase after reaching your destination need not be carried. It is always advisable to have minimum luggage so that the trip is more comfortable.

It is but understandable that when you are in new place, you become somewhat uneasy with regard to the safety of your money and other valuables like your travel documents, jewelry or electronic devices. It is prudent to keep photocopies of all important travel documents. These include the first pages of your passport; credit cards and bank cards; immigrant cards and papers; travel and health insurance; plane tickets; and traveler’s check serial numbers. Preserve the set of photocopies in a waterproof envelope and store the envelope in a place separate from the original documents. Carry only things that are strictly necessary. There are innumerable instances of people packing and carrying items on travel, which they never use.

Get a pouch that is handy to keep your passport, identification card or credit cards, and some minimum cash, as you may need them when you go places. However, make sure you keep it hidden inside your shirt or inside your pants. If you carry this pack exposed, you will be inviting everyone to relieve you of your valuables. Keep a wallet filled with local currency. This will be helpful for giving tips, shopping locally and for local transport as well. You keep minimal cash in this wallet so that even if snatched, your loss is negligible.

It is preferable to stay in hotels that have safety deposit boxes in the rooms or in the lobbies. You can also go to the hotel internet sites to check this information or phone a hotel to find out. You can leave extra cash and other documents you do not need in these boxes and not be lugging these with you while you are going around in the street markets.

There are also certain useful tips more general in nature. As far as possible, plan your trip during the off season. This can mean huge savings in the hotel bills and airfares as well as food and entertainment. Off season need not necessarily mean bad weather or the trip will be less enjoyable. Book your travel tickets and hotel reservation early avoiding last minute rush.

It is worthwhile doing some research. Ask friends who have been to these destinations earlier. Go to your library to check out travel books. You need not buy one as chances are you can get for free when you arrive in the place. By the way, many new travel websites have reviews of hotels by previous travelers. Take a is a great way to stay economically but without much discomfort.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Benefits From San Francisco Shuttle Tours

San Fran shuttle is a smaller but more intimate, very interactive, informative and fun group tour. This group takes us to more tour spots, includes bay cruise to Sausalito and free refreshment. This tour group doesn't use large motor coaches. Instead, they use shuttle bus which has easy on and off access. Only this group gets you very near to Lombard Street so that you can walk down. Lombard Street is also called as most crooked and one of the attractive streets in San Francisco.

San Francisco tour guide is not someone who is driving and talking on a microphone, but it is a group who want to give personal face to face attention and knowledge to the entire tourist group. Here the driver doesn't act as a guide. The tour guide will show you what is special to see at each spot. They have vast knowledge about the various locations.

There are some tour spot where you have to actually get out of shuttle to see. But, there are few other sights, which you can see and enjoy from the shuttle itself. This group takes you to city tour, Muir woods tour, wine country tour and private tour also.

A Muir wood is a great place to visit in the bay area. There are many hiking trails ranging from a leisurely stroll to hike so that small kids to old people can participate. If you want to save a day from your trip, then opt for a 2 in 1 package. That is, take both the Muir woods and city tour in one day.

Napa wine tour by wine country is one of the most unique tours from San Francisco. This tour takes you to all of the premier Napa winners. This tour includes a picnic, ride over the golden gate bridge and ferry/bay cruise to San Francisco.

Private tour gives you lots of benefits like you can choose your own time for tour, changes of itinerary, free hotel pickup and drop-off, private shuttle van and money saver tour. San Francisco is most comprehensive tour and it gives a comfort ride.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tips to Tour San Francisco

The people of the Bay often refer San Francisco as city, it is one of the most beautiful cities on the earth as well one of the best international cities in the world. It is one of the best cities wherein you can be assured of complete enjoyment and fun filling events. The city of San Francisco is the home of Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and even the former penitentiary, the most famous pyramid shaped office building, Italian North beach and some of the few other noteworthy places in the list have been given below. The Lombard street which is referred to as the most crookest street in the world, the ecstatic China town which can fun filling, the amazing Golden Gate park, Japan town and the list goes on, it is a city filled with places without any obstacles, each and every place can be complete enjoyment without any scope for thinking of what to do. The entire city is completely filled with so many destinations and attractions that it will become a challenging task to see all the places in a glance on the true. The places in the city are so attractive that there is no chance that you can leave the places by seeing them at a glance you will be completely stopped there so that you would completely examine its beauty and the only you can leave these attractive places.

After analyzing the entire city we have made an effort to put everything in a crisp, about the must visit places, dining highlights, tourist sights, transport options, sightseeing tours and a number of other notable things. However the best places have been listed below:

# It is essential that you make a game plan in advance itself so that you do not miss anything, some of the tickets of the best sites often sell out their tickets two weeks advance hence it is essential that you do an insight study and do not feel bad incase you have missed some of the sites.

# It is very essential that you reserve the hotels after reading the reviews because one of the most frustrating issues is when you change the hotels within the place. Hence it is essential that you check, verify then take any action.

# It is essential that you do not rent the car at the airport itself because the public transportation is quite cheaper. Because it is essential that it is not easy to find a car parking in this fast moving city, however if you are vey much keen on hiring the car then you can hire it for a day or two.

# When you are travelling back to the airport it is essential that you arrange for your private transport or airport shuttle but there are many hotels also that do provide you with the transportation facilities so it is essential that you enquire before itself.

# Try and visit as many restaurants a possible and the dining destinations, however you would be more concerned about the budget. But it is essential that you read the reviews and go for the restaurants.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Importance of a Tour Guide

A tour guide, as the very name indicates, is a person who guides the tourists and offers them all relevant information about the place they are visiting. A tour uide must be capable of interpreting the cultural and natural heritage of an area and possess a specific qualification usually issued and/or recognised by the appropriate authority.

Tour guides must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the cities, regions and countries where they work. It is the responsibility of the tour guide to help travellers understand the culture of the region and the way of life of its inhabitants. They have to promote the cultural and natural heritage and at the same time impress on the visitors the significance of the place they are visiting.

A tour guide is a person who leads groups of tourists around a town, and takes them around to various tourist spots of importance and provides a commentary on the history and special features of the location. The tours can last from as little as 10-15 minutes to extended periods of many days. Considerable importance is placed on the tour guide's knowledge of local stories, history and culture as he is expected to furnish the right information to tourists and not disappoint them.

Well-qualified tour guides provide entertaining, relevant and organized heritage information to tourists. The tour guide have the additional responsibility to keep all the tourist happy, comfortable and satisfied visiting various places.

In Southern European countries, being a tour guide is considered to be prestigious. Most of these countries however have strict national laws concerning the tour guide profession. Only officially certified tour guides, educated along national guidelines, may commercially guide tourists.

Most of us want to travel to exotic places and famous tourist spots and have dream vacations but lack the opportunity and the affordability. But being a tour guide, you hold a prestigious job that will take you to exciting places and pay you to go there. Tour guide jobs offer this luxury if you love to travel and wish to interact with the tourists coming from distant places.

The job of a tourist guide is a fascinating one in that you can sail away to enchanting lands, fly to exotic places or ride a train or bus to historic spots. There are so many travel job opportunities that once you complete your tour guide training, you can choose the career that best suits your needs and personality. You will indeed be happy to know that there are different types of travel jobs. Some enable you to travel around the world or remain in one location, while others place you behind a desk with a phone in hand for most of the day. But the good news is no matter what type of travel job you opt for, you will know when and where to go.

A tour guide is essentially the person who accompanies visitors on local tours of sights and establishments. Tour guides usually live in the area where they work and know all there is to know about the site, city, region, or country where they guide. They study the history, monuments, artwork, environment, culture, and attractions so they can inform visitors coming to the place on tour. There are tour guide training courses - through an e-book, online and offline classes. Tour guide training will arm you with a bundle of knowledge to help overcome obstacles when trying to enter this career field.


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