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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Role of Tour Guide

Tour guides are referred as tourist guides in some country. A tour guide is a person who guides the visitors in the language of their choice. He leads a group of people around the museum, town, and important venue. Guides are representative of the cities for which they are qualified and they interpret the culture and heritage of the area.

Guide helps travelers to understand the culture of the region and the way of life its inhabitants. On one hand their role is to promote the cultural and natural heritage and on other hand making the visitors aware of its importance.

Guide provides full information about the features and history of the location. As the importance of places is known by the guide, he will educate and narrates you all the local stories, history and culture as and when the location comes. The importance is placed on the guide's knowledge; he will try his best to explain you in language you know. While traveling to next location guide entertain you, and gives you relevant information about the place where you will land up next.

On visiting any historical place, a guide with complete knowledge of that place is required. So that he narrate the history of that place in detail. If you move without a guide you will not come to know anything about the place and you will not understand what you are seeing and what does it means. Guide answers all your questions and you can gain lot of knowledge from him. Many times it happens that we ignore small things, but always a small thing contains a big story, so only guide can educate us about the place.

Before going for a trip you can ask your friends and relatives about the place who have been there. But to get the whole insight information it is better to appoint a guide. A guide helps you to know about the climatic condition, culture, language, specialty of the place and also helps us to buy the famous thing available there.

The importance of tour guide is only understood by those who had a unplanned tour. The unplanned tour can put you in to a very critical circumstance that your enjoyable trip can go into a worst nightmare.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get exciting cable car ride with San Francisco tour

San Francisco's cable car is ride by nearly 7.5 million people every year. San Francisco's is a smaller group tours, and more intimate, more tour spots on all tours. The visitors are not realizing that there are three cable lines, each have there own flavor. The Powell-mason and Powell-Hyde both lines begin at Powell market. The third line is least crowded and least known to tourists. It runs along hilly California Street and offers lovely views.

POWELL-MASON LINE: This line passes many city landmarks and union square is known for shopping, it's a block from line is started. A series of uphill climbs leads to intersection at California Street; from here you can catch any of three lines. The Powell-mason cars take left at Powell and Jackson, and then straight down to Fisherman's wharf. Intersection of Jackson to Mason-union now you get an architectural tour of classical row houses. At mason and Columbus avenue, you're in the of north beach, an Italian neighborhood where you will find gelato, coffee shop, pizzerias and restaurant. The best people watching spots in the city are Washington Square Park on Columbus.

POWELL-HYDE LINE: The Powell-Hyde line offers Hyde Street along sweeping vistas of the ocean. The routs start from market to Jackson streets. They split with the Powell-Hyde line heading north, then right at Hyde toward Fisherman's wharf. To feel for Russian hill, Hyde and Union is the best spot. Here row houses and Victorians are mix with ice cream parlor, coffee shop, and restaurant and corner market. As Powell-Hyde lines heads down to the water stop there for views of the water, coat tower atop telegraph hill and the bay bridge at the distance. The "World's Crookedness street" is Lombard street. At the end you will find Fisherman's wharf. Near Hyde and Union is Russian Hill Dog Grooming, There you can see stylists working on high end poodle haircuts through giant windows.

CALIFORNIA LINE: The California line is known for its step grade. Looking from up you can see the Powell cable line crossing California at the top of Nob hill. As you near the top of the hill you look back and see the architecture of downtown, Bay and Bay Bridge as a back drop. If you get off at California and grant, you are just a few blocks from Portsmouth square in the heart of china town. Along the California line you will see grace cathedral and the city's most posh hotels. The Mark Hopkins is known for its sky bar, Top of the mark on the 19th floor. Here you will see sweeping views of San Francisco and the bay.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things to Be Done Before a Trip

There should be proper preparation for a successful trip. Before packing your luggage there are certain things that has to be list out like: what are the places you are going to visit, what will be the climate there, how much the time you have planned to spend at each place, what are the things you will required in your traveling. But there are some questions you need to answer and that will help you in planning ahead. There are some important things which you have to do before you leave your home. Make sure your passport is in good manner and check the validity before you leave. All the required visas for the country you will be visiting. Carry your travel documents. You should have some general information about the places you're going to visit. You should aware about the climate, political safety, medical, safety of the roads and so on.

While traveling you should carry true copy of your passport, airways ticket or train tickets, driving license, medical prescription, first aid box and travelers checks. One more copy of your passport should be kept at your home so that in emergency, your family member will fax immediately. Before leaving make sure your tickets are reserved and check out whether there is a departure tax, and how much it is. Check out your departure time of all the places your going to visit.

Checks out the cost of local transportation, taxis, domestic flights, buses vary from country to country. Check your balance in your ATM card before you leave and check whether you can withdraw your cash with your ATM card in the country you will be visiting. Carry your required and general vaccination or medication for safety. Do advance hotel booking to avoid seasonal rush in your destination place.

Now it is time to pack your bag. Always remember leave some space in your bag so that while coming back you can carry extra things which you purchase, so you may not need to purchase another bag. Pack the clothes you required - sweater, rain jacket, swimsuit, cotton dresses (if you are going to a place in summer) and comfortable pair of sleepers. Always carry a change of cloths in your handbag. That will help you in the event your bag may get delayed. To capture all your sweet memories carry a small pocket digital camera. Carry laptop, enough batteries, chargers and your mobile. Remember that airline allow only limited space for your luggage so be careful while packing and avoid unnecessary things and pack accordingly.


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