An absolutely beautiful exposition...a must see!

Palace of Fine Arts

At the Palace of Fine Arts, we will walk around the grounds and take you underneath the center of the majestic dome and give you a brief historical background. There you will see numorous local brides and grooms to be with their photographers taking pictures. We will spend aproximately 15-20 minutes exploring the area and presenting before moving on to our next stop/landmark.

A Brief History:

The Palace was designed by Berkeley architect Bernard Maybeck. It was the last building of the Exposition to be started, commencing construction on December 8, 1913.

For purposes of an exposition, the buildings were constructed to last a year. William Merchant, spent the last ten years of his life until 1962 planning the Palace's restoration. A move to preserve the Palace was begun in October, 1915, 33,000 supportive signatures were gathered, and $350,000 was raised towards the duplication of the Palace in lasting materials.

After World War I the Palace became a part of the city's park system. During World War II, the Palace was used by the Army. In1947, the Palace was returned to the city. Though it was slowly crumbling away from wear and tear of weather and abuse. It was fenced off as a public hazard. Toward the end of the 1950's a fundraising drive was started to rescue and restore the Palace. In 1964, reconstruction began, and completed in 1967 to a stripped down version of the original. In 1975, Walter S. Johnson added the remaining colonnades as a gift to the city.

The Exploratorium and Palace of Fine Arts are also close to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Presidio.