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San Francisco Comprehensive Shuttle Tours is the only city tour that combines a bus tour, short-guided walks
and a Ferry/Bay Cruise to Sausalito.

OUR COMPETITION: Did you know...

They use large group motor coach buses - used by our competitors. These buses tend to hold up to
50+ people per tour and the double deckers tend to hold even more people. We believe smaller group tours make
for better tours. We find that the people sitting in the back of these larger motor coaches don't get the opportunity
to ask questions or feel apart of the group because they are too far from everything.

Their driver is also your Tour Guide – this practice is less personal, and offers no face-to-face interaction.
A driver guide is wired into the bus PA system and they talk while they drive with their back to you.

Less Stops – Our competition offers more driving then they do stopping and getting out of the tour bus.

Their Tour Guide does not get out of the bus - On competitive tours where a driver guide is used, very often they
can't leave the bus during the stops to show you different landmarks and points of interest.

Double Decker Buses – They stack two decks on top of one another to double the capacity, which can make the
tours less personal. The passengers sitting up in the upper deck have very little interaction with the Tour Guide.

Free hotel pickup has many hotel stops – Like those airport vans, our competitors stop at many different hotels
and valet areas before taking you to your final destination/tour launch. Thus, by the time you get ready to start the tour, you’re already ready to get out of the van. We recommend saving your vacation time and just taking a taxi or walking
to the tour pickup spot.

No Ferry Cruise Service – Most other tours do not offer a ferry option as a part of their standard city tour to mix
up your tour experience. In most cases this cannot be offered by the competition, because their Tour Guide is also
their driver. With our comprehensive 5-hour tour, you will also take a ferry cruise to beautiful Sausalito for no additional charge.
A word on the Trolley Hop tours – These are lower-priced tours that utilize a bus that looks like a trolley car.
They tend to have wooden bench seating and no climate control which is sometimes needed in San Francisco.
These tours can be rather confusing because they basically drop you off on your own for you to figure things out.
You get different Tour Guides at each pickup point with the potential of inconsistent messages and directions.
Finally, they don't tell you that there are instances when you can't get on the next trolley bus because it's full - you must wait for the next one or walk.

By contrast to the above, the benefits of our service are...

• Smaller group tours (35 max) - provides a more intimate setting.
• Separate Driver and Tour Guide – more interaction with your Tour Guide.
• Shuttle tours / not a big motor coach - Easier to get in and out of, larger windows.
• More stops / more comprehensive tour - You're here once...see it all!
• Ferry cruise to Sausalito - Tour Guide provides historical narrative from ferry.
• Free refreshments – concierge-like service on wheels

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