Why Muir Woods National Monument?

Some say, "Heaven is a place on Earth." If this is true it might be at the sight of the some of the oldest and tallest living things on earth at the Muir Woods National Monument. Muir Woods is a great retreat from our airports, cars, taxis and the general stresses of life.

No tour guiding is allowed in the park, which speaks volumes for what one can expect what they will get out of their visit to Muir Woods...tranquility and peace. Therefore, our very knowledgeable guides will give you great info. Read More »


"I enjoyed your Muir Woods Tour immensely!" - Ben H.
"Really loved your combo Muir Woods & SF City Tour - What a day!!" -Eric S.

Muir Wood Tours Benefits

  • Separate Tour Guide from Driver. This benefit is crucial for a Muir Woods Tour - where guiding is prohibited in the park. Our Tour Guide will get to offer you face-to-face interaction so you can ask all of the questions before and after our stop in Muir Woods. This is better than looking at the back of your driver's head on other tours
  • More Tour Stops are offered on this Muir Woods tour than any other comparable tour. It's not just a Muir Woods tour! We also stop at the majestic Marin Headlands and Sausalito, and include a ferry cruise.
  • Ferry Cruise This cruise provides relaxing transportation from Sausalito back to San Francisco. We believe being on the water is a perfect ending to an amazing nature tour that this Muir Woods itinerary is.
  • More Time at Muir Woods than any other Tour!
Start at: The Ferry Building
  • Marin Headlands
  • Muir Woods National Park (90 minutes)
  • Sausalito (approximately 1 hour)
  • Ferry/Bay Cruise (25 minutes)
  • End at: The Ferry Building

Tour Benefits

  • More time in Muir Woods (90 minutes) than any other tour except for our premium hiking tour (see to the right).
  • Marin Headlands (Creative view of Golden Gate Bridge)
  • Late Start Time: 12:45pm

Muir Woods Tour Schedule & Pricing
7 days a week 12:45pm (5 Hours Tour length)
Adults $65
Senior $62
Children $57 (<12 years)
Start at: The Ferry Building
  • Shuttle to Muir Woods (Highest Point)
  • Marin Headlands
  • Hike *downhill* into Muir Woods (60 min)
  • Muir Woods National Park (main thru-ways and cafe)
  • Shuttle to Sausalito
  • Sausalito (about 1 hour shopping or exploring)
  • Scenic Bay/Ferry cruise back to San Francisco (25 minutes)
  • End at: The Ferry Building

Premium Tour Benefits

  • Longest Time in Muir Woods National Park (2 hours with downhill hike)
  • 60 minute glorious downhill hike is included
  • Most creative way into Muir Woods
  • Bypass all the touristy areas to get to the real adventurous part of Muir Woods. No tourist noises. Just fresh mountain air!
  • See things most do not see at Muir Woods
  • Finally! A tour that puts you on one of the longer trails rather than the touristy trail.
  • Muir Woods Trails are mostly uphill from the touristy area, but the trail we take is downhill.
  • Little-to-no cardio work-out on this downhill trail.
  • No water fountains or sidewalks - the real outdoors
  • 60-minute downhill hike through redwoods most don't get to see.
  • Time to explore in Sausalito.

Caveats about the Premium Muir Woods Hiking Tour

Loose gravel and tree trunks will be on the path. Hiking shoes are best. No sandals! Must be willing to watch your step on this downhill hiking tour.

Might have to duck down on this trail. Often times we will be going under the trees during the 60-minute downhill hike.

Premium Muir Woods Tour Schedule & Pricing
7 days a week 12:45pm (5.0 Hours Tour length)
Adults $79
Children $74 (7-12 years)* Children $129 (0-6 years)*

* Children < 7 are not recommended for this tour due to 60-minute downhill hike therefore we charge for a chaperone for children ages 0-6 on this tour.

Call Toll Free: 1-866-991-TOUR (8687) back

You can also combine Muir Woods Tour & our Premium City Tour in One Day!

Take Both the Muir Woods and Premium City Tour in One Day.

  • 13 Total Tour Stops
  • Also Includes Ferry Cruise
  • Save $14 With Combo
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