The Fairmont Hotel is the most popular hotel in San Francisco

Nob Hill

Some say this is simply the best part of the tour. Time permitting - - after your walk through Grace Cathedral, your guide will walk you through a short journey atop Nob Hill where you will walk by San Francisco's famous hotels, The Fairmont, The Huntington and The Intercontinental. From there you will walk down a hill where you will see a breath-taking view of the bay with Alcatraz and Fisherman's Wharf in the distance. This walk is avoided during inclement weather days. Instead we will take the shuttle down the hill.

The walk ends at the Cable Car Barn Museum where you will be picked up by the bus after you learn about how the cable cars work.

About Nob Hill:

High Atop Nob Hill, one of San Francisco's 43 hills, sits one of the most affluent and distinguished neighborhoods of San Francisco, and the perfect setting to "where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars". Nob Hill, where once stood the opulent mansions of Hopkins, Huntington, Stanford, Crocker and Flood is today resplendent with luxury hotels, parks and the grand Grace Cathedral.

Huntington Park, on the corner of Taylor and California St.. the land donated to the City of San Francisco in 1915 by Mrs. Collis Huntington, is where the picturesque roman "Fountain of the Tortoises" is located.