The Ferry Cruise may be the best part of your San Francisco tour.

Ferry/Bay Cruise

The Ferry/Bay Cruise that we take will arguably be the most enjoyable part of your San Francisco tour.

We take the Ferry/Bay Cruise one way either from or to Sausalito depending on your tour time. There really is no difference as to which tour time is better because they both take the exact same path across the bay and you will see the same things.

What's great about this Ferry Cruise is that it's provided by the Golden Gate Ferry, which provides us with a great-looking boat. You can either go outside to the nose of the boat or stay inside the ferry if you prefer. From the nose of the boat you will enjoy an outdoor coastal experience or really plush theatre-like seating from inside.


The cruise across the bay last about 30-minutes and we have had no reports of any sort of sea-sickness on any of our tours.

To avoid seeing the same things twice, it's only a one-way Ferry/Bay Cruise on this tour. We take the shuttle bus from or to Sausalito to make up need to go bo ways on the ferry.

From this popular Ferry/Bay Cruise, you will see Alcatraz, Sausalito, The Ferry Building, Coit Tower, Bay Bridge and of course the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Ferry Cruise is a very good reason to book your 5 Hour Tour with San Francisco Shuttle Tours.