Mirrored Dining Rooms

Farallon - San Francisco

A popular, elegant restaurant located in a hip, trendy hotel, this restaurant seems to be hitting its stride after a few early missteps. Professional restaurant critiques almost unanimously agree that this is one of the top new entries onto the San Francisco restaurant scene. Although tending towards French, the food is not overly laden with cream or butter as much French cuisine can be. In fact, our impression is that the preparation is both creative and well-executed, and the presentation is fantastic. In such a ritzy setting, featuring such food, one might expect the service to be reserved and snobbish; it is not.

Quick Facts:
Located in the Palomar Hotel
Cuisines: New French
Accepts Reservations
1300 Battery St

(415) 348-1555
Cross Street: Market Street
Neighborhood: SOMA
Prices: Expensive

Many customers go out of their way to comment on their experiences with the friendly and competent service at this establishment. The Fifth Floor also happens to have the one of the best wine lists in the city, and pairings with your food courses are happily suggested by the sommelier. This is a wonderful restaurant for special occassion dining.

Tip: This is also a great place to go for a power breakfast or that morning breakfast meeting. Note: The Fifth Floor is not open for lunch or dinner on Sundays, although that may change soon. Although neighborhood parking is difficult to find in this area, the Palomar Hotel offers Valet parking ($12).

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