The view of the Bay Bridge from the Golden Gate Ferry aboard the 5-Hour Tour.

Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge, San Francisco opened November 12th, 1936 just six months before San Franciso's Golden Gate Bridge opened.

During your San Francisco Comprehensive Shuttle Tour you will see the Bay Bridge many times meandering throughout the buildings and the cities other famous landmarks. The Bay Bridge is near our tour pickup spot, The Ferry Building.

The Bay Bridge is a double suspension bridge with Yerba Buena island acting as the median for the two separate segments. The first segment is known as the western segment (on the San Francisco side) is 1.78 miles. The eastern wing is longer at 1.92 miles. The width of the entire bridge allows for 5 lanes of traffic going in either direction.

During the California gold rush, the railroads were on the wrong side of the bay. San Franciscans feared that not having access to the railroads the city would lose its position as the center of trade to Oakland. Thus, the idea of building a massive bridge was concepted during the gold rush days.

The eastern span of the Bay Bridge is set to be replaced due to earthquake damage, the latest 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake was a well needed wake-up call.

The Bay Bridge is definitely a sight to see and you won't miss it and more of its history when on board the San Francisco Comprehensive Shuttle Tour.