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Q: Do you pick us up at our hotel?

A: We don't offer hotel pickup - Here's why :Generally speaking, hotel pickup can include taking you to 5-8 different hotels before taking you to the tour start location where you would be transferred from one shuttle to your tour shuttle. San Francisco is not that large. From most hotels you can get door-to-door service via a taxi to the Ferry Building for less than $10 and less than 10 minutes.

Q: Where do we meet the tour shuttle? Where does the tour start?

A: At the front entrance of the San Francisco Ferry Building (Right in front of the trolly-car station) (On Embarcardero Street at the end of Market Street Map to the Ferry Building.

Q: City Tour Question - - Why 5-Hours?

A: We want you to get out of the shuttle as much as possible and make various stops throughout the city to walk around and take pictures. We also want to give you time for lunch in Sausalito.

Q: How does your MUIR WOODS/CITY TOUR TIMESAVER package work?

A: You can go on our 5 hour city tour that starts at 9am and then add Muir Woods to it. It makes sense on our tour because we're in Sausalito for lunch, which is really close to Muir Woods. So instead of just heading back to SF, you would transfer to our Muir Woods Shuttle from there. Our Tour Guides will explain everything to you so there is no confusion. To book the Muir Woods/City Tour package - click here

Q: Why are there no children prices for Alcatraz Combo Tours?

A: Because we need to pre-buy Alcatraz tickets months before to meet the high demand. Given this issue, we do not know how many child tickets to buy for any particular day, so we need to just pre-buy the adult tickets. Please visit: Alcatraz Tours

Q: Is the Wine Country Tour Shuttle a part of SF Shuttle Tours?

A: Yes. The Wine Country Tour Shuttle is a premium Napa Valley tour. Please visit: Napa Wine Tours

Q: Does the San Francisco Comprehensive Shuttle Tours stop at every landmark on your itinerary? Do we get out of the shuttle at every attraction?

A: Yes. Our itinerary is separated into two lists. The top part of the list are all of the landmarks we will be stopping at and getting out of the shuttle to provide you with a historical narrative of each. The bottom part of the itinerary list are things you will see from the shuttle.

Q: How much time do you spend at each attraction?

A: As you can expect, some landmarks are more time-consuming than others, such as lunch or shopping in Sausalito. With this in mind, there is no set time for each attraction. Our Tour Guides are trained to watch how the tour group progresses at each landmark and adjust the tour accordingly. Keep in mind, we still have a lot of sightseeing to do in 5 hours, so we do like to keep the tour moving.

Q: Do we need to pay for the ferry cruise?

A: No, it's included in the price. Any snacks or drinks you buy on the ferry are not included.

Q: City Tour: Is lunch in Sausalito included in the tour price?

A: Lunch is not included in the tour price, but there are many good places to eat there, in a variety of price ranges. Your Tour Guide will make suggestions.

Q: Do you mail me tickets?

A: No. We employ an easy-to-use ticketless reservation system. Your name is your tour ticket.
Thus, there is no reason to deal with the hassles of tickets and mail.

Q: What are the differences between your Premium City Tour and the 9 Hour Main Attractions Tour?

A: The 9 Hour Main Attractions Tour *is* the Premium City Tour, but then we keep on going showing you more great stuff. This time we take more of a local insiders approach to San Francisco and show you the attractions that locals love best. We don't mean to take anything away from the Golden Gate Bridge, but we think we got some really cool stuff to show you that doesn't make the front cover of most magazines.

Q: I have questions about your Yosemite Train Tours?

A: Please check out our special Yosemite Train Tour FAQ section to get your questions answered.

Q: How do I get to the Ferry Building? Where should I park?

A: For Driving Directions - Click Here . For the Closest Parking - Click Here.
To get to us from San Jose, the Peninsula or South Bay, you may want to take Cal-Train - Click Here. To get to us from the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley) or the San Francisco and Oakland airports you might consider taking B.A.R.T. (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to the Embarcadero Station - For BART INFO Click Here.

Q: Do you offer private sightseeing tours of San Francisco?

A: Yes we do. We have an array of private sightseeing tours of San Francisco including shuttle, motor coach, and 12 passenger luxury shuttle. We can also offer walking tours.With our private tours you can choose your own tour itinerary and tour times. It also comes with hotel pick-up and drop-off. Click here to learn more: San Francisco Private Sightseeing Tours

Q: What's the difference between a Daily Tour and a Private Tour?

A: Our daily tours are for mixed groups and single riders that do not know one another. Our private tours only have your group in the tour. You can book either a private shuttle, motorcoach or walking tour. All of our Daily Tours use shuttles that hold 35-40 guests.

Q: How do I book my San Francisco Comprehensive Shuttle Tours Daily Tour?

A: Online at

Q: What type of vehicles does San Francisco Comprehensive Shuttle Tours operate?

A: We normally use our 35-40 passenger shuttles for our daily mixed group tours. They offer large windows and plenty of space with reclining seats. Depending on demand and/or our service schedule, we reserve the right to substitute vehicles. (See our shuttles)

Q: Can I bring my baby stroller on board?

A: We choose to have smaller shuttles because they make for better tours, so there is no place for a stroller. However, since all children are required to have a seat (even infants) you can buy a seat for your infant and put the stroller in that seat and your infant in your lap. Please note that this is not a money-saving option, you will still need to buy a seat and either put your child/infant in that seat or the stroller. Can you do the tour with an infant/small child and no stroller? Yes, but it's not a good idea because this is a 5 hour tour that makes 9 tour stops and has guided walks and a ferry, so buying a seat for the stroller is your best option.

Q: Can I bring my wheel chair on board? How about luggage?

A: Yes, by written request with at least 72 hours notice of your tour date, we can make sure a wheel chair accessible shuttle is avaiable to you. If you have a smaller, foldable wheelchair, please notify us so we can give you a free seat next to you to store it. We would be happy to do so. No luggage at any time except for Yosemite 2 Day Customers and Monterey 2 Day Customers..

Q: Where does the Daily Tour end?

A: The tour starts and ends at The Ferry Building. (see map)

Q: What is the age limit for kids pricing (Premium City Tour) and other Tours?

A: Kids 12 and under are $55 (including infants and toddlers). Note: On all of our tours infants and toddlers must pay have a paid ticket to get on our tours. See above explanation: "Can I bring my baby stroller on board?"

Q:City Tour: What additional expenses should we expect?

A: You should plan on paying for lunch in Sausalito.

Q: Are tips included?

A: No. Your Driver and Tour Guide are service personnel similar to waiters in restaurants. If you received good service, your driver and Tour Guide will greatly appreciate any gratuities you give them. A good rule of thumb is 10% per person,

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Please see our term and conditions for the actual refund policy.

Q: Do you recommend any other tours like yours in other cities?

A: Yes. In Los Angeles, try our Los Angeles Tours. in New York City you can try New York Tours which is a company called New York Shuttle Tours which offers comprehensive sightseeing tours of New York City.

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